Friday, September 21, 2012

Food review; Molley Roffey Irish pub

Molley Roffey Irish pub. Initially i thought this place would be like another pub for happy hours, until i went to google about it then i realized it doesn't only serve alcohol, they serve tapas, lunch & dinner too! I was elated when they invited me over for a food tasting session @ their Bras Basah outlet.

Upon reaching the entrance, instantly i felt like i'm in Ireland (even though i haven't been there before).

Seeing all those soccer clubs' flags hanging/pasted on the window panes, i reckon this must be another place whereby they'll provide live soccer matches telecast. The staffs there were very courteous, i was greeted with a wide smile when i walked in. At the left of the entrance, i saw this..
They have acoustic live band performance on Mon-Sat from 7:30pm onwards. I always have a thing for places with live bands. It's so much better compared to a restaurant which just plays from cd. I like the feeling of while i'm eating, i'm listening to songs which are familiar yet with a different rendition.

As i got seated comfortably after 10mins, food was served. Starting with the appetizers.
Chicken caesar salad - bacon bits & classic caesar dressing topped with chicken & parmesan. It wasn't very cheesy, the bacon & chicken were in bite size. Easy for ladies like me who's lazy to use knife & fork, especially during lunch time where you just want to chillax and have a good, relaxed & yummy lunch!

Creamy blue cheese salad - combination of walnut, cherry tomatoes, mesclun salad & sugar pear with creamy blue cheese dressing. As per the name itself & you could also see from the photo up there, the pear is filled with blue cheese and so the smell is pretty strong even from a distance. For cheese lovers, i'm sure this would be one of the favourite before you go for any main course. It has a distinct smell and to my surprise, the blue cheese actually goes well with the pear! I was expecting the pear to be rather tough, however it isn't! Quite soft to the extend that you could just slice a piece off by just using the fork! Pear & blue cheese melted once i placed them in my mouth! I'm not a cheese lover however i must say this is REALLY GOOD! Love it alot! Worth trying!

Next served was Mushroom medley pizza.

I know it looks super yummy! Indeed it is! I took a slice of the pizza & just within a slice, it's totally filled with mushrooms. It's thin crust hence it's not very filling. This is also suitable for vegetarians as well! I give this a 9/10! Totally worth your penny! :)

After 5 minutes, they served this.

Buffalo wings - Not those typical buffalo wings which you see outside that are categorized into different grades according to their level of spiciness. This buffalo wings still retain the mild spiciness which a typical buffalo wing should be. One thing about it is that, i find that the meat is a little tough for me & the only taste you get from it is just the chilli. I didn't really love it though.

After trying these 4 dishes, i actually thought maybe dessert will come soon. Then the manager told me, main course is coming right up. OMG! I actually thought the pizza was the main course! And here's our main courses.
Irish stew - As you can see from the photo, it comes with 3 slices of garlic bread. In fact i think alot people will think that there is a strong smell but there isn't. Inside the stew there's carrot together with succulent lamb cubes & vegetables simmered to a rich & hearty stew. I love how soft the carrot and lamb cubes are & if you dip the garlic toast into the stew, the combination is heavenly!

Asian flavour weekly promo; Sweet & sour fish - It's the typical sweet & sour fish with rice. 3 big generous slices of fishes together with rice, topped with sweet & sour sauce. I'm a person who loves to eat fish alot hence i've got very high expectations when it comes to fish. The fish meat is very soft & fresh. This asian weekly promo changes every week & it's only available from 12nn - 5pm, comes with a dessert & a glass of drink.

Fish & chips -  Lightly battered snapper, served with fries & garlic lemon cream sauce. I can't describe how happy i was throughout this whole food tasting session. It's fish AGAIN! Squeeze lemon all over the fish, that's my preferred way of eating fish & chips! Alot of times we would get sick of eating a big portion of battered fish, however not for this! It could be because it's only lightly battered & i also feel that the garlic lemon cream sauce actually helps to open up your appetite in a way.

Prawn Aglio Olio - Typical aglio olio, tossed with olive oil, mushrooms, onions with a hint of chilli. This traditional italian dish is well liked by many. The main star of this dish is always the pasta. It's not overcooked & not drenched with heavy and overbearing sauce. Prawns are fresh & they are considered big, not those small kinds which you see at typical coffeeshop. Very yummy and i can't stop myself from having quite a fair bit of this!

Carbonara - Pasta tossed in garlic, cream sauce with bacon, chopped ham, onions & mushrooms.
The name carbonara derived from carbonaro (the Italian word for charcoal burner), some believe the dish was first made as a hearty meal for Italian charcoal workers. I'm actually not a carbonara person because too much of cream sauce makes me sick of it, usually i'll share carbonara with a friend. This carbonara isn't that creamy, portion of the spaghetti is satisfying. Good enough for 1 or to share among 2.

And after all these main courses, i am really very full. Sitting down there trying to enjoy the ambience and without any notice, 1 of the staffs suddenly served me this..
Irish bread pudding - Homemade bread pudding served with vanilla ice cream & vanilla sauce. The bread pudding was topped with raisins, goes especially well with the vanilla sauce. Somehow i tasted whisky while munching on it but it wasn't stated on menu that it has alcohol content. This is like my favourite dish among all. Come during tea break time from 2-5pm, chillax over a cup of well brewed coffee or tea with this bread pudding definitely will chase away all the blues you have, especially it's at an affordable price of $5NETT.

After my experience at Molley Roffey, i like the decorations within the restaurant/pub. It makes you feel very comfortable especially with those helpful staffs, definitely it makes my visit a happy one!

They have 2 outlets.

51 Bras Basah Road #01-02A
Manulife Centre
Singapore 189554
t: 6238 0989

141 Market Street #01-01
International Factors Bldg
Singapore 048994
t: 6222 2671

Or visit their website
Molley Roffey Irish Pub



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