Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Food trip @ Genting - Day 1; Dinner at Genting Palace

Finally, i'm laying my hands on this long awaited blogpost! Phew! I was so busy from the minute i touched down SG after this trip. So many things on hand to settle and handle till i did not have ample time to rest(my poor skin) T-T. But i guess it's all worthwhile when you start to see things getting on track. :)) Okay whatever it is, let's move on to my foodie trip! :D

Day 1
I had to reach Golden mile complex by 6:15am latest. Guess what? I did not sleep all the way. I have this very bad habit of not being able to sleep before trips. If you actually read my previous post on Taiwan trip, you'd know. So not much self potraits taken because i'm soooooo self conscious about my bloated face (as usual) *roll eyes* LOL! But nevertheless, here's the one and only oneeeeee~

I swear my face looks damn chui in the rest! Hahahahaha! Okay jokes aside. In fact for this trip it's sponsored for me however we can bring someone along at a special price with everything covered as well! Then again, no one is free SO i tried to be heroine and decided to attend this trip ALONE. :) 

I really have no idea who will i be seeing during this entire trip, except Brad aka LadyIronChef. So i got a gut feeling that because of my face, i will be deem as the "daoster"! Yaaaaaa~ I have this "youoweme10000gorengpisang" face whenever i don't smile. D: Not that i'm exaggerating, but alot of people have been telling me that, since young. *emo one corner* :((

So when i boarded the bus and everyone looks damn tired because it's like only 6:30am, all still in the lalaland mode, i snapped some shots.

Weather was kinda bad. We reached custom around 7am+ then headed towards to *sings "Malaysia~ Truly Asia~~~"* And we were travelling with 5 Stars coach. Each of us were provided with a bottle of mineral water & personal entertainment station, where we can choose to watch English/Chinese/Cartoons/Documentary, quite a wide variety of shows to choose from. Most importantly, the leg space was so huge

LOL! I know i have short legs! STOP LAUGHING OUT LOUD AT YOUR MONITOR! Tsk! ;) Anyway, i really love this huge leg space because it allowed me to actually lower my seat all the way! Super comfy, love it to the max! 

Unknowingly, i fell asleep. And i woke up because i was feeling super cold suddenly. Looking out of the window then i realized, it was drizzling.

I thought it will be a very shiok journey! So i went back to sleep and before i knew it, we are already in Genting! It was only 12:30pm when we reached there. Very smooth journey & comfortable seats! :))

And so before we checked in, i made friends with an awesome group of people(shall show you their faces later). We went for our lunch and jalan jalan around abit.

This is my lunch, curry fettuccine. But seriously, it looks more like curry kway teow to me! Hahahaha!! Okay but the taste is not that bad, just that the coffee which i ordered was a little too sweet for my liking. Oh and i forgot to mention the place of this, it's at JR Curry House. Price is pretty affordable however i would say it's a lil' ex for a "food court" food.

After lunch, we took a stroll & climbed up hill! The rest of them wanted to take a stroll & digest abit while taking a sneak peek of the overview of Genting, since most of them have not visited Genting in the longest time ever. 
Credits: Amanda
Slacked all the way after we checked into hotel. I slept like a pig, while Esther & Amanda were watching Snow White And The Huntsman on my touchpad. (I don't know if i snored! =[ )

Now it's finally time for some good food! ;) Dinner at Genting Palace! Weeeeee! It's an oriental restaurant.

I still decided not to take photos of myself for today because i looked DAMN BLOATED, like seriously! I'm too self conscious when it comes to taking self potraits! HAHAHA! Anyway from the look of it, this restaurant looks super atas kind to me. FYI, we are having a 9 course dinner. ;)
Obviously, this is not the 1st course! It just a test shot on my camera. Heh! Now here's the real thing.
1st course; appetizer. Fried crab balls, meat balls & spicy salad.
It's cold & a lil' spicy. Those who can't take spicy stuffs you should be able to try this. I love this! ♥ :))

Fried crab balls - It was a lil' dry for my throat because i was having a sore throat. It goes very well with chilli sauce!

Meat balls - Not exactly what i love because i'm not a fan of meat. Upon the first bite, it's very chewy & has this after taste which keeps you wanting for more!

2nd course; Herbal soup with chicken

You know sometimes soup can be too salty or bland. However this isn't! The chicken meat itself is also very soft and easy to chew too! Yummy to the max! Actually after this soup, i'm kinda looking forward to the rest of the 7 course! It's like i'm having a wedding dinner course, everything is just SO DELICIOUS! 

3rd course; grilled chicken with spices
Chicken was marinated hours ago before they were "soaked" in the spices, mentioned by the Chef. And not to mention that the tenderness of the chicken meat & spices weren't overwhelming. Everything was having a perfect balance. PS: i had quite a few pieces of this!

4th course; Steam fish
I have no idea what type of fish the Chef uses BUT definitely i love it because i'm a fan of fish, especially steamed ones! There's no fish stench, so for those who are afraid of fish stench FRET NOT! However do be careful of the many small bones hiding in between the meat. And do you know where's the best part of a fish? It's actually the cheeks of the fish! The meat on it's cheeks are super tender! Trust me, even if you're not a fan of fish. But just try the meat on the cheeks of a fish, i'm sure you won't go wrong about it & there's not bones at that part too! :)

Brad came to join us for abit in between the dishes. He's like trying to make all of us bond together. He sounded like a kindergarden teacher! HAHAA! For those who doesn't know who is he, he's the well-know LadyIronChef. :) 

5th course; chilli prawns
Because i'm seriously allergic to certain prawns(which i've no idea which ones) hence i didn't touch this dish AT ALL. *cries* It looks definitely delicious with all the chilli all over the prawns! All i heard & saw were "yumm yumm" *thumbs up* across the table. EVERYBODY were enjoying it except me. *emo one corner again* :((

This is the Chef who prepared all the food. He came out to meet all of us & explained how much time he took to prepare & cooked all these dishes for us. Very humourous fellow. All of us were so entertained by him!

6th course; Braised abalone with sea cucumber
THIS WAS MY FAVOURITE! Hahahahah! You must be thinking because of the abalone right! Eh, i'm not so shallow okay! LOL! I  broccoli & mushrooms! :D As we know, most of the time abalones are really tough and hard to chew. This abalone wasn't too tough and it was easy to chew as well! I'm sure most of you sure tried this dish before especially those who loves to eat "tze char" in Singapore, this is a dish not to be missed! However next time when you're in Genting, do pop by to Genting Palace Restaurant and try out this dish. I am very sure you will ask for more! :))

7th course; yam fried rice(my enemy!)
Yes! If you know Quinie, you must know that Quinie doesn't take carbs at all especially RICE. So this dish was skipped again, by me. =\ I really hate to eat rice UNLESS it's sushi, i'll give some "face" and eat abit. HAHA! Anyway back to the topic! You can't really smell the yam from far & from the outlook of it doesn't appeal to me, maybe i'm just biased because it's rice! *roll eyes*

8th course; white fungus with lotus seed & red date. It's dessert time!! Weeee! *waves pongpong*

desserts! And fyi, this is a very healthy dessert especially for ladies! It helps to enrich and replenishes blood! So ladies, don't miss this when you're in genting! Not too sweet for me & they are very generous with the ingredients! So you will have ample longans, red dates & white fungus!

Since our dessert is already served, wanna make a guess what's the last dish? =P I had a hard time thinking as well since i already had my dessert and by this time i was too full to even take in anymore food. =.='' HOWEVER, the last course served was..

Ya, mochi! I called this the "YUMMILICIOUS GREENY MOCHI!" Hahahahah! It's so irresistible! Look at it! The strawberry and with icing around the green body of the mochi! HOW TO NOT EAT IT? Yea, eventually i took 1 of it which i regretted because I SHOULD HAVE TOOK 2 AT A GO. >:( Too yummy le la! Aiyo! Well like what people always say, "keep the best for last". This phrase is just so appropriate now. 

After we were done, we took the liberty to snap a group photo with Le Chef!
OMG LOOK AT MY HAIR, SO FLAT! hahahahahaa! ya and my bloated face. FML!! :( 

And upon this, you think we are done? NO! We went ktv!! Yessssss! 
Saw the guy on the extreme left? I think he looks like 方大同 ! And we called him 方小同! Heh! The ktv there was kinda different. They don't charge by per head like SG's kbox or partyworld. They charge by per room. We took the medium room & it was like only RM$88. We had around 11 pax, hence each of us paid like RM$8 for 3hours of KTV! Like seriously, RM$8 is like maximum SGD$4 only or less! And their songs are not like very outdated, i'd say, money well spent! =P

We ended our night at around 1am+ & all of us were pretty max out by then. So all headed back to our hotel rooms. 

I must say, i've been to genting alot of times. But i've never visited Genting Palace Restaurant. They really impressed me with their food & of course the quality of the food was also top notch. Would really love to try it again! :)

Alrighty, so much just for Day 1 in Genting. Wait for the next post on Day 2. I'm very sure you will be as thrilled as i was during Day 2!
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